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Elixir D Anvers

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Since 1863, this liqueur has been prepared in the same artisanal way, and with the original recipe containing dozens of plants and herbs from all over the world, that give Elixir d’Anvers its unique flavour. The production process of Elixir d’Anvers takes approximately 5 months and consists of the following phases

Maceration: The plants and herbs are mixed with pure alcohol and soaked for a long time in a copper pot still, where they release their flavours.

Distillation: During the slow distillation, the copper pot still is heated with steam and the alcohol evaporates, carrying with it all volatile aromas from the ingredients. These fumes condense back into an alcohol distillate or ‘alcolate’, which contains all the aromatic characteristics of the ingredients.

Preparation in the autoclave: The alcolate is mixed with pure alcohol, soft water, and sugar.

Oak barrel maturation: The resulting liqueur is aged in old oak casks, which add the typically rounded flavour to Elixir d’Anvers.

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